Circulatory System

The function of the circulatory system is to control the flow of blood around the body.

  • Heart- The heart contributes to the circulatory system by contracting and pumping blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in your body.

  • Capillaries- are tiny links between the arteries and veins where oxygen and nutrients diffuse to the body tissues

  • Arteries- Tough, elastic vessels that carry blood AWAY from the heart. They usually carry oxygen and nutrient rich bloob.

  • Veins- Dark red blood, not much oxygen. Veins have very thin walls. They return blood from the body to the heart.

  • Blood- Is thicker than water and has a salt taste. It transports Nutrients, Wastes, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Hormones throughout the body.

  • Arterioles- Thinner than hair, smaller version of the arteries. They carry blood away from the heart and out to the tissues of the body.

  • Venules- Very thin veins that join larger veins that open into the heart. They drain blood from capillaries into veins, to return to the heart.
Circulatory System