Excretory System

Renal Failure( or Kidney Failure) is when your kidneys fail to function adequately. This means that something has happend to stop normal function of your kidneys.

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There are 2 types of Renal Failure: Acute and Chronic - Acute renal failure prerenal ( before renal) failure- causes are:

Acute: rapid loss of renal funtion due to damage to the kidneys.
  • decrease in urine production
  • chronic hypertension
  • dehydration from loss of body fluids ( vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and sweating)
  • poor intake of fluids
  • medication; diuretics ("water pills")
  • loss of blood supply due to blockage of the renal artery or vein
Chronic Renal Failure: progressive loss of kidney fucntion.
  • sepsis- the body is overwhelmed with infection and causes inflamation and shutdown of the kidneys.
  • Medications- some medications are toxic( meaning don't take them) for your kidneys. A common example is ibuprofen

Some common treatments for Renal Failure are:
  • Diet- limit foods with excessive amounts of water,salts, and potassium
  • Medications- phosphorus- lowering medications,Red blood cell production stimulation,Red blood cell production,Blood pressure medications, and vitamins
  • Dialysis is a mechanical substitution of the proccess blood purificaton that occurs in a normal working kidney. If a persons kidneys are not working properly, dialysis is a temporary treatment that lets people to live productive lives. Usualy a patient has to do dialysis three times per week, and also depending on the doctors orders.