Welcome to the Advanced Biology Body wiki!

Before you get started there are some guidelines everyone needs to follow:
Guidelines for using the wiki pages:
  • Don't mess with anyone else's page. Mrs. Wages will know if you log in and change something.
  • Be safe. This wiki site is not for you to post personal information about yourself or anyone else.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Don't take something from another site (picture, video, paragraph, etc.) without asking permission first or giving them credit for their work.
  • Follow directions. Make sure you know what you are supposed to be doing.
  • It's ok if you mess up. If something goes wrong, ask for help. It's ok.

Directions for all students:

  1. Follow the guidelines given to you on your topic.
  2. Do not overdo the information. Be accurate and complete, but be succinct.
  3. Make your page as visually appealing as possible.
  4. Your wiki page is due: (TBA)