Excretory System


These are located of each side of spinal column. Tubes called ureters leaves the kidneys carrying urine to urinary bladder.
---Kidneys remove urea, excess water, and other waste products. ---Passes them to ureter.
---Clean blood leaves kidney through renal vein.
In the kidney there are many units called nephrons that work together to filter and reabsorb fluids and soluable material in blood

Cross section of kidney with labels.(click )


Glomerulus- a capillary tuft surrounded by bowmans capsule. It recieves blood from renal artery then drains into renal arteriole. high
pressure aids process of ultrafiltration where fluids and soluable material is forced to bowmans capsule. Where
filtration mainly takes place.
Bowmans capsule- encases the glomerulus. Where substances from blood are collected to form urine.

Loop of Henle- Section of nephron where water and other vital substances are reabsorbed and volume of urine minimized.

Nephron model. (click here)